How much does a package of Bannock Cost?
To purchase at one of the retail locations listed on the website the prices may vary.
Wholesale orders are available for retail opportunities starting at a minimum case of 12 with prices changing based on economy.
Any other purchases that are not retail orientated will have a different price point based on number of product ordered.
How do I place an order?
Please contact us for any orders as they vary for each region due to shipping rates.

Payment and Shipping:
Please allow 3-8 business days for shipping which may vary depending on the location we are shipping to in Canada. 
Shipping will calculate the price per Region based on weight and therefore: you maybe able to purchase two packages for the same base shipping rate
Please contact if you are ordering outside of Canada to make arrangements as prices will vary depending on country and location.


Payment Options:
We accept all Credit Card payments via Square and EMT ( Email Money Transfer) EMT is only available to Canadian citizens. This is due to the Exchange Rate.  Thank you.